Entry Terms and Conditions (extract)

Application classes and who is eligible

The contest has the following 2 divisions. You can apply as an individual or a group (date of birth must be April 2, 2005 or later). The competition no longer divides applicants into U-15 and U-18 classes.
 (ⅰ) Game division
 (ⅱ) Web applications, IoT division(programs other than games, such as web applications, various types of tool, robot control programs, etc.)

Program for submission

We are seeking submission of original Ruby programs that are created by the entrant him or herself within the last year. Programs should make the most of Ruby’s qualities, and give a sense of the fun of programming, originality of thought and innovation. You are completely free to choose whatever type of program you wish to create, including something that is useful for studying a subject, something useful for solving a social issue or a game.
Please see the terms and conditions (PDF) in the link below for specifications, operating environment and judging criteria, etc.

Ruby2023 Entry Terms and Conditions[PDF:361KB]

Application period

July 15 (Sat) 2023 to October 1 (Sun), 2023(must be received no later than October 1 (Sun), 2023)

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